Misyon ve Vizyon

Çevik Group undertakes it as a goal to work for being one of the leading companies in its sector and to force the pace of our country’s development in the construction, mining and energy sectors with its perspective which is respectful for humans and sensitive to nature without sacrificing quality.

Çevik Group acts with the vision of being the company which can meet the needs of each sector it takes place in, which always works for reaching better and which can be a model for others with its self-renewing structure.

Our Goal
In parallel to the economic development, the electric energy consumption – one of the indicators of development levels of countries – is rapidly increasing and fossil fuel is accepted to have a very important role in meeting the increasing energy demand. The fact that the petroleum and natural gas reserves belong to certain countries and these reserves have a life of 40-50 years increases the searches for alternative energy resources. Accordingly, our company takes it as a goal to be one of the leading players in the sector of geothermal power generation in Turkey in respect for the efficient utilization of renewable energy resources and better evaluation of the current energy potentials along with the support policies and legislative regulations for renewable dynamics in Turkey.