Energy Group


Karizma Enerji offers drilling construction services with its two drilling rigs – one of them is the first full automatic hydraulic rig of Turkey – that it has purchased from one of the most respected manufacturers in the World. Karizma Enerji is able to meet any kind of requirement by the sector thanks to its skilled and experienced working team. Our company successfully continues to operate in Aydın, Denizli and İzmir cities.


With the drilling equipment which our company has supplied from the world’s leading manufacturers and each of which is equipped with the high end technology, Karizma Enerji successfully completes any kind of activity required not only on their own field but also the activities required by the other members of the geothermal sector. Our company has the production capacity and inventory which includes all the needs of the drilling companies.


Beştepeler Enerji is established in Germencik county of Aydın city in 2015 in order to perform the power generation and distribution activities. Achieving the success that it expected as a result of the drilling activities on their fields, Beştepeler Enerji has reached to a level of establishing a 24MW geothermal power plant. Our company is going to start generating power by completing its first power plant project in 2016 and will continue to make investments in other plants.